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Emulex 10Gbps CNA's in CB500 Blades

Question asked by Pete Aspinall on Apr 23, 2014
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Hi All,


We are deploying a number of CB500 Blade chassis and HUS-150 in a Microsoft Private Cloud Infrastructure, We have come across what seems to be a limitation in specifying what VLAN's are allowed through the 10Gbps network adapters in the blades. It says you can specify VLAN's 0-4095 in the Emulex documentation but in practice this does not work. When you specify a range of VLAN's say 600-800, save and then go back to look at the configuration each VLAN is listed in the dialog box e.g. 600 601 602 603 and so on but if you try and cut and paste theses entries out and back in then only a set amount will be accepted.


We found this problem with the ability for some hosts / VM's to ping each other in certain VLAN's but not in others e.g. Test1 and Test2 both in VLAN 240 on separate hosts in the same IP subnet 10.1.240.x cannot ping each other when on different hosts but can when residing in the same host, whereas VM's in VLAN 640 can ping. We removed all VLAN's except for 240, 640 and it all works.


What we have done is only specify which VLAN's are required currently and everything is fine but as this is a private cloud infrastructure we want to define a range of VLAN's that the customer will possibly use in the future removing the need to reconfigure the adapter configuration in 2012R2 every time they want to deploy a new VLAN.


Any Ideas?