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Auto/Dynamic Tiering question

Question asked by Farley Louie on May 7, 2014
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I trying to understand how this auto/dynamic tiering works or suppose to work because based on what my VAR told me and sold us doesn't seem to work the way I was told.  We purchased a HUS 150 with 1 shelf of 1.6TB FMD and 2 shelves of SAS/10K drives with the dynamic tiering license.  I was told that any volumes I create will automatically be moved between the FMD and the SAS/10K drives based on hot/cold data usage but I can't seem to figure out how to do this.  I have 2 DP Pools 1 pool for FMD (tier mode is disable and it says tier mode can not be enabled for FMD or SSD drives) and 1 pool for SAS/10K in which tier mode is enabled.  When I go to create a new volume I must select one of the 2 DP Pools either the FMD pool or the SAS/10K pool and then the volume is created in the pool I selected, so my question is if I create a volume on the SAS/10K pool how does the HUS automatically move hot data up to the FMD pool and vise-verse?  Also if I create a volume in the FMD pool does it automatically move data down to the SAS pool when cold?  I have roughly 13TB of FMD and 44TB of SAS which I was told is all usable giving me 57TB of storage, is this not true?


If someone can explain to me how dynamic tiering works between FMD and SAS pools is would be great or is it not even possible?

Or maybe the HDS CE did not configured the HUS 150 correctly when they installed it?


I appreciate any and all help.