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HNAS SD mirror

Question asked by IK K on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by IK K

Hello everyone!

Most probably this is due to lack of knowledge but I'm stuck.

1. What are possible ways to mirror (or replicate) system drives (SDs) for HNAS?


For simplicity I have one HNAS head connected to two identical HDS arrays. I am willing to achieve array redundancy so that if one of them fails it is possible to tolerate this or at least to recover the service.

Is it possible to create something like host based mirroring on HNAS such a way that SDs are made up from 2 LUNS on 2 arrays?

Any other ways? TrueCopy Sync between arrays?


2. Where all the configuration (EVS, NFS exports, IPs, etc) is stored? On SDs or in HNAS itself?


Thanks in advance!