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Object Replication Failback

Question asked by Steve Wilde Employee on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by Michael Ratner



In terms of HNAS Object Replication consider the following scenario:  I have Object Replication in place between SOURCE and TARGET.  I have a need to promote TARGET to be the primary.  While TARGET is primary SOURCE is read-only (syslock).  Minory changes are made to the file systems on TARGET.  Later I want to revert back to have SOURCE be the primary.  However, I don't want to lose the changes that occurred while TARGET was primary and I don't want to replicate the entire (rather large) file system back from TARGET to SOURCE when only a small amount of data was changed. I only want to replicate the changes back.


I don't seem to have this option.  It appears that I can

1) abandon the changes made to the file system while TARGET was primary or

2) format the SOURCE file system, replicate everything back from TARGET and change the primary to SOURCE.


Is this correct?