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How do you use local security groups on NTFS permissions?

Question asked by John Baggs on Jun 11, 2014
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On our HUS-VM 130 we created a large number of local security groups and populated build in groups with our domain users that have access to our other CIFS servers.  However, when I tried and use them to add NTFS permissions to folders and files using Windows Explorer , there is nothing to select.  The screenshot shows me browsing to my CIFS name (FLSRV001) that was added to my EVS.  You can see that none of my local groups are found.  In particular I want to add flsrv001\Administrators group to my NTFS permissions.


It seems like we can only use these local users and groups to assign to CIFS shares and only if you use the SMU to modify the shares.  Anybody know if this is by "design" or is their a way to use them as described above.