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Thunder 9500 series configuration

Question asked by jes huiz on Jun 14, 2014
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Branched from an earlier discussion

This is related to a thread i had going about a year ago now. If you like view the old one here: hitachi thunder 9500 series configuration

The place i was working on this originaly for was a local college i was attending, doing internship in their I.T dept, while i was studying networking. I graduated last spring (2013) kept in contact with some of people i worked with there. A while back one of the people told me the admin there decided he didn't want the SAN anymore. Said he said recycle it or give it to me to do whatever with.

Because i graduated in spring was the last i was able to do anything with, and i got some good info after that on the prior thread. So the info in that thread i was unable to use untill now. I tried the cable setup stated in the prior thread, almost got working i think. Howerver on controller 0 (bottom) the 2nd port in (towards the center) from the left i believe Yellow labeled path 1. I'm getting some sort of error code from on the chk LED.

3 SEC off then 5 pulses (red color).


HDD array i have an amber warning light on the fron panel. (Solid amber)


Controller I also have errors on front.
PWR= green, Alarm= red, RDY=off, Warn= fast flash amber color. (Speed is < 1 sec per, i say 1onethousand i can say one then it's back on.)


Also have red Alarm LED on the battery packs, i assue means that there not taking a charge, or something faulty in them. I'm guessing these are just for saving data in cache if something happened. I wouldn't imagine it's something that would stop it from working though, but i don't know for sure. (Date on the batteries apears to be early 2000, so very well could be bad.)


Also i noticed that in the controller the 2 trays both have fiber optic modules installed. I asume this would link into the server, or a switch, etc. This would allow you access to the storage. My question is does that mean i need 2 pairs of Fiber channel interfaces (NIC, switch)? I understand for redundancy would be good, but can it be done with one pair of interface (E.G a single FC NIC)?


Also without a support contract do you think there is any chance HDS would give me the documents, and software (even a trial) to learn with, considering it's primarly educational, and a fairly old sytem now?

The system sat for at least 4 yrs at place i got from, i had 2 modules i fired up briefly during my failed setup attempts. That place got it 2nd hand from another college that retired the sytem, so i'm 3rd owner. I don't honestly know it even works still, and due to age i don't see worth investing much into it. That is my issue with support contract cost isn't really justafiable, and i don't know an individual person can even get one if they wanted to. Besides interest of learning SAN Sytems I can't see doing much with the sytem. because a few external HDD i could get almost= storage, and in time power saved not using san i'd make back paying for externals.



Thank you for your time, I would apreciate any advice you may have just so i can learn some about SAN systems. Primarly why i'm trying to get working, to use it just don't make much since though. If i can't get running in next few months i'm going to probably just pull anything i may be able to use, and recycle the metal.