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NTP time skew

Question asked by John Baggs on Jun 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2014 by Raoul Schaffner



I have NTP configured on the SMU as follows:

CAL-HNAS-CL-1:$ ntp list

ntp: server = 10.x.x.196

ntp: server = 10.x.x.197

CAL-HNAS-CL-1:$ ntp date

ntp: time is set at boot time

CAL-HNAS-CL-1:$ cifs-dc-clock-accept

The server will accept DC clock offsets during DC connects.


I have verified that the two DCs are running.  However, their is a time skew of 3 minutes between the EVS hosting the CIFS server and the DC.  I also noticed the cifs-dc-clock-accept setting which is currently on, but the recommendation is to turn it off.  My understanding is that if the DC has a certain skew, the EVS will not allow authentication to it and remove it from the list of available DCs.  We are having sporadic issues were people cannot create or modify files on the CIFS server, and this may be a possible cause.


Are there settings that tells how often it will check for NTP time while the server is running and what an acceptable time skew is?  The only setting I can find is when the server boots.


Any help would be appreciated.