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Step by step to replaced control unit to HUS 110 & 130, Pls correct me !

Question asked by phyo maung on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by David Tao

Dear all !



          For the Replaced Control unit,

1. the first thing is simple trace from the web tool

2. Need to reset button what we want to change the control unit ?

3. loosen the blue thumb screws and pull the leer outside

4. remove the cables connected to the control unit

5. remove the control unit by pulling it out

6. wait for 20 sec before inserting the replacement unit into the RK module

7. connect the removed cables to the replaced control unit(new)

8.closing the levers completely until the blue buttons click.

9. make sure for warning LED on the front of the chassis goes out or not

10. check that the Ready LED is on or not

11. Check the information and error messages using the web tool.


Please correct me !


Phyo Maung Maung ( Peter )