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jpcrpt and nonexistent agent

Question asked by Bryan Mott on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by Bryan Mott

Attempting to automate some reporting and getting this output (the agent and HTnM server are different):


D:\Program Files (x86)\TuningManager\PerformanceReporter\tools>jpcrpt -y -o c:\pool.csv pool.xml
jpcrpt connected to localhost at 06 19 2014 16:19:31.009
KAVJK0603-E The parameter file contains an invalid statement.
Line: 11
Element: <agent>
Value: [da153714[saflokydlhcci01]]
A nonexistent agent has been specified.
Specify an existing agent.

jpcrpt disconnected at 06 19 2014 16:19:31.228

D:\Program Files (x86)\TuningManager\PerformanceReporter\tools>


pool.xml (empty lines removed, but the highlighted line is line 11)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE pr-cli-parameters SYSTEM "rpt_params.dtd">

<pr-cli-parameters ver="0200">



        <report-definition name="Pool Usage Trend(7.1)" parent-folder="/Overview">


                <indication-settings maximum-number-of-records="100000">








Service ID:


saflokydlhcci01># ./jpcctrl list "*"

Host Name      ServiceID          Service Name      PID      Port     Status
---------      ---------          -------------     -------- -------- --------
saflokydlhcci01 PT1saflokydlhcci01 Status Server     11468874 22350    Active
saflokydlhcci01 PH1saflokydlhcci01 Action Handler    13041668 63279    Active
saflokydlhcci01 DS153714[saflokydlhcci01] Agent Store       5832940  63296    Active
saflokydlhcci01 DA153714[saflokydlhcci01] Agent Collector   9896110  63307    Active
KAVE06003-I List processing of the service information terminated normally.



Any ideas where it's going wrong?

I've also tried pool.xml with DA153714