John Baggs

HNAS - Object Replication with Snapshots

Discussion created by John Baggs on Jul 2, 2014



We are using HNAS object replication between a HUS-VM and a HUS130.  We have scheduled snapshot policy for each source filesystem which creates a snapshot every 2 hours and maintains 84 snapshots.  We use object replication to transfer the filesystem every 15 minutes.  I tried to create and schedule a snapshot policy for each destination filesystem, but it tells me that scheduled snapshot policy cannot be performed on a filesystem mounted as a replication target.  However, do the snapshots that get created on the source get replicated along with the filesystem to the destination?


Also, I know you can create a snapshot policy on the destination and use it within the replication policy.  This defines the number of snapshots that get retained.  This creates a snapshot on the destination side.  However, the creation of the snapshot is when the replication session starts so a new snapshot is getting created every 15 minutes.  What I want to have on the destination is a snapshot  that gets created every two hours and maintains a total of 84 snapshots; the same as the source of the replication.


I would appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.