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Can VSP do a LDEV to LDEV (volume based) data migration from internal to virtualized external storage?

Question asked by Lee Garner on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by Pablo Bucich

We have a 3-node MS-SQL cluster whose data was migrated from virtualized external storage (LUs presented to the VSP from an external array via FC)

into a Hitachi VSP.  This was a volume-based migration, "LDEV to LDEV" in Hitachi parlance, I believe.


We now need to move the data for the cluster from the VSP to a different storage system.  We wanted to do the reverse of the original migration, i.e. by

presenting LUs from the new array to the VSP and once again doing a volume-based data migration), however we are being told by the folks that operate

the VSP that it isn't possible.


We find that difficult to believe, as the VSP is marketed as having the capability to virtualize external storage arrays from a wide selection of vendors and

that virtualized external storage is supposed to be able to fully participate in data migration operations across multiple tiers.


Can anyone answer this question for us?  Is there really some reason why you can migrate data from external storage into a VSP, but *not* in the other

direction (internal --> external???