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Virtualization - USPVM to HUS-VM - AIX Question

Question asked by Volker Osswald on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2014 by Alex Theodore

Hi all,

at a customer we have installed a AMS2300 virtualized behind a USPVM. Server is a P770 with 2 VIOs and 17 LPARs.

now we want to propose a HUS VM. Customer is not willing to do a host based Migration with LVM. So we discussed about virtualizing the USPVM/AMS2300 behind the HUS VM and

do the Migration with Tiered Storage Manager.

So far so good - sounds easy.

Now the customer asked about the Volumes in AIX. When we do all the virtualization and configuration Tasks on HUS VM, power down the P7, Change SAN Zones and start the P7 and do a cfgmgr

then all volumes will be seen over HUS VM, BUT they will be all new volumes ( new hdisk ) and the old ones will also be there.


Is there a way to do the cleanup( delete ) of the old volumes before power down the P7. What happens with all the volume groups ? does anyone know a document where these things are described.


Thanks for your help. Best regards, Volker