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HNAS not serving CIFS/NFS data

Question asked by Joel Cooper on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by Scott Lewis

Having an odd problem this morning, our HNAS 3090-G2 wouldnt serve any CIFS of NFS data.  You couldnt connect to any of the shares and existing connections were disconnected.

Looking at the GUI everything is green,  looked at the HUS, no errors.  Had some odd warning messages in the log:



D64094: Dropping connection - avoided PACED RPC issue. Options = 0x42: this event happened 2561 times in the last 137 min on the MMB1


No big free heap blocks left: this event happened 505004 times in the last 137 min on the MMB1



We saw this activity before on our HNAS 3100 years ago and a heap configuration change was made which resolved the problem until an official fix could be made. 

Bug ID for fsi cache - 57480



Release version info:

SMU               11.0.3121.00

HNAS             10.2.3072.08

HUS150           0970/A-H      


Working with support now, will update.