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Problems Retrieving Machine SID of HNAS 4060 / CIFS

Question asked by Andreas Denter on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by Andreas Denter

Hello Forum Members,


I'm currently facing a very strange problem.


We are providing a software called CopyRight2 to migrate files, folders, shares and security permissions between Windows systems and  of course we also support the Hitachi NAS/SAN family as a source or destination of such a copy operation.


One of our customers is using two Hitachi HNAS 4060 systems conigured as cluster. They use SMU version 11.2.3319.04.


During the migration onto the HNAS, our program has to issue a NetUserModalsGet API call to the Hitachi to retrieve the machine SID of it. This call fails with an error 1722 (RPC server not available). All other Net API family calls work except this one.


Hitachi support said that it is most likely a firewall issue but we have double checked that and port 445 is open.


The same problem can also be reproduced by using Mark Russinovich PsGetSid tool available here:


You would simply call it the following way, where you would replace HNAS-SYSTEM with your systems name: PsGetSid \\HNAS-SYSTEM


I would expect it to fail against an HNAS system, but to succeed against a Windows server or even your local computer.


Can anyone please confirm that they are getting the same error if calling PsGetSid? That would be really helpful.


Is the NetUserModalsGet API call (level 2) probably not implemented for HNAS?


Furthermore there once was a bug fix for samba, regarding this specific API call. Is that bug fix maybe not included for the samba version used by HNAS? Here is some trace left on the internet for that bug, back from 2001: All other major competitors have this bug fix included and I would find it hard to believe that the fix for his known bug is not included for the HDS.


I would be glad if anyone on the forum could help us out here, by confirming that this bug really exists / not exists.


We also have some small sample code available if required to reproduce it, doing nothing but calling NetUserModalsGet.I think PsGetSid uses the same call to retrieve it, which is the only supported way we are aware of.


Thank you.