Dhaval Kapadia

HNAS SD Mirror not reflecting in pool

Discussion created by Dhaval Kapadia on Oct 22, 2014



We have 2 x HNAS nodes running 2 EVS and 2 pools where storage is external hosted from VSP which is replicated using truecopy.


We have a problem, we have added devices in HNAS storage pool from both primary and secondary VSP as primary devices in HNAS pool.


Now we have performed replication on new set of devices from primary to secondary & viceversa. but HNAS pool is not updated with "mirrored" status.


Any feedback on this point is welcome.


Our action plan would be :


1. Once HNAS pool reflect correct mirrored status for all SD.

2. stop EVS.

3. correct replication direction for few SD which is replicating in reverse direction.

3. start EVS.