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HNAS Home Directories and User Quotas

Question asked by Joseph Akerson on Oct 26, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by Joel Cooper


  • HNAS 4060 v11.2



  • ~3,000 users
  • User level soft capacity quotas
  • Quota email notification for each CIFS user's home directory


Proposed Configuration

  • Base share called "home" mapped to /home directory in HNAS file system.
  • Each user has a manually created virtual volume with a share mapped to "/home/<username>"
  • A soft capacity quota applied to each <username> virtual volume
  • Home directory auto create feature of share not used because it is incompatible with virtual volumes



  • Are there any performance or scalability concerns with 3,000 virtual volumes under a single directory?  I believe the maximum # of virtual volumes per system is 10,000 (at least as of v10.2 code from what I can find).
  • Is there a better or more elegant way to manage this home directory scenario?


Thank you for an suggestions you can provide,