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LDEV replication group error

Question asked by Erhan Demirhan on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by Thamer Salah

hi everyone,


i want change some ldev replication group that is already replicated.

i use pairslit command (pairsplit -S -g group1 -d ldev1) for each device.

then  i create new horcm.conf file for local and remote site for these devices.

i try to create pair (paircreate -g srm01 -vl -f async) , i recevice such a error.

paircreate: [EX_CMDRJE] An order to the control/command device was rejected

Refer to the command log(C:\HORCM\log61\horcc_SRMANWXR01_log.txt) for details.

It was rejected due to SKEY=0x05, ASC=0x26, ASCQ=0x00, SSB=0xB90A,0xB99B on Serial#(xxxxxx)


the check device with pairdisplay command:

Group   PairVol(L/R) (Port#,TID, LU),Seq#,LDEV#.P/S,Status,Fence,Seq#,P-LDEV# M


srm01   AAAAA_BBB_CCCC_LUN06(L) (CL3-A-5, 0,   6)XXXXXX   119.SMPL  ---- ------,----- ----- -

srm01   AAAAA_BBB_CCCC_LUN06(R) (CL1-A-0, 1, 103)YYYYYY  8311.SMPL  ---- ------,----- ----- -

srm01   AAAAA_BBB_CCCCLUN42(L) (CL3-A-9, 0,  88)XXXXXX   464.SMPL  ---- ------,----- ----- -

srm01   AAAAA_BBB_CCCCLUN42(R) (CL1-A-0, 1,  27)YYYYYY  8656.S-VOL PSUE ASYNC ,-----   464 -

srm01   AAAAA_BBB_CCCCLUN44(L) (CL3-A-9, 0,  90)XXXXXX   466.SMPL  ---- ------,----- ----- -

srm01   AAAAA_BBB_CCCCLUN44(R) (CL1-A-0, 1,  31)YYYYYY  8658.S-VOL PSUE ASYNC ,-----   466 -

srm01   AAAAA_BBB_CCCCLUN28(L) (CL3-A-9, 0,  64)XXXXXX   394.SMPL  ---- ------,----- ----- -

srm01   AAAAA_BBB_CCCCLUN28(R) (CL1-A-1, 1,  39)YYYYYY  8586.SMPL  ---- ------,----- ----- -

Then i realize some ldevs invalid state.

how can i change ldev status SMPL ? Please help.