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Sequential I/Os vs. HDLM's Load Balancing Algorithms (Extended Round Robin)

Discussion created by Swee-Chin Liem on Nov 27, 2014
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Hi Experts,


I would like to ask few dummy questions as below.

As I read from HDLM user guide:


Question 1: Is that meant, if I have two paths (Path_A and Path_B), during certain period of sequential I/Os time, Path_A might be heavily used and Path_B is free? Example:


This should be normal if I understand the user guide correctly. Any idea how to distribute workload evenly?

I believe the answer is no but any one can confirm this?


Question 2:


Is this "specified number of I/Os" meant if HDLM detected Path_A is heavily used, then it will switch the next I/Os (regardless sequential or random) to Path_B?

Is this value defined by us? Where to define?


Thank you.