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LDEV in hexa with CU:LDEV or decimal ?

Question asked by Sylvain De Almeida on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by Nathan Kippen

Hi All,


I know that the ldkc for open system start with 0 and after we have the famous cu : ldev.

But today with the thin provisioning, this concept of cu:ldev seem very old and not real. (physically).  Based on the past we have always this concept.

When we do a raidcom command by default (without -fx options ) all seem to be developped to made the ldev in decimal form.

Even with the raid manager the ldev in decimal works fine. So my question is what to choose, ldev in heximal or in decimal? Because if we made a choice, we have to decide only one. For example, deleting a ldev 0450 in decimal is not the same that deleting 04:50 in hexa.

On the GUI, the ldev are print only with cu:ldev (hex).
Does HDS strategy for the future is to talk only decimal to be understandable by all?

What is the advantage and the inconvenient to choose decimal or hexa cu:ldev view?


Thanks a lot