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HUS130 - HUSVM Best Practice

Question asked by Justin Greeves on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2014 by Glenn Brackenridge

I am in the process of Virtualizing a HUS130 through a HUSVM.  The plan is the present luns from Raid Groups through to the HUSVM and then into DP Pools.  My questions are just based around best practice and where to split lun sizes.


The HUSVM cannot have External DP Pool Vols larger than 3.99 TB, so my question is if I have a RG on the HUS130 of say R6 8+2 900Gb SAS which works out to be approx. 7.2TB (rough figures but the point still stands).  Do I present a single 7.2TB lun from the HUS130 and let the HUSVM carve it up into 2 * 3.6TB luns or do I create the 2 * 3.6TB luns from the single HUS130 RG and present them to the HUSVM and then just create the ldevs using the native HUS130 Lun..  Obviously gets a bit more hectic when you say do a R6 8+2 with 4TB nl drives works out about 32TB and needing to create around 8-9 luns.


Regards Justin