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What is native to Hitachi HNAS powered by BlueArc

Question asked by Alexander Nish on Dec 24, 2014
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I work for a software company. My current project is to set up a testing environment that mimics our clients environment. Our client uses Hitachi HNAS powered by BlueArc. Therefore, we are trying to purchase our own Hitachi HNAS. I've found a few cheap refurbished Hitachi HNAS boxes BUT they have been wiped during the refurbishing process. Our big question (that we can't seem to find the answer to) is: What is native to the box? If the boxes have been wiped will they still have the base Hitachi software or will that be gone too?


Since we are trying to create a "perfect" testing environment the boxes will be essentially useless to us if they don't behave like a Hitachi HNAS.



Help! Thanks!