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Can authors, editors or moderators add Tags to posts after they are made?

Question asked by Thomas Thorne on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by Thomas Thorne

I have seen a large number of posts added either by email or by new users that don't have any tags.  Although this message board does a very good job of finding related posts based on the content, I expect things would be smoother if tags were used more frequently.


So if someone writes and article and does not remember to add a tag, can anything be done?

(I can answer the author bit in a moment)

Is it possible for some other users to edit posts and add tags?  I can see that some people move posts around to put them in the right spaces.  Could the same people add a couple of tags?


Specifically I saw a lot of McAfee + HNAS questions in the last month, but no tags.  If these were each tagged a trend and related content might be found.



[Created with community moderator, hds community, howto & editing tags]


[Edited to add the jive tag] (Not by going # something as I typed, but in the Tags box.  I will add jive_software just in this edit thing)  


Message was edited by: Thomas Thorne It seems that I can add a tag.  I have used #edit in a reply so I will try adding jive to the current post as it is a question about the software.