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HUS156045VLS600 15k 450GB SAS hard drives

Question asked by Fred Blantan on Jan 8, 2015
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Not sure this is the right place to ask this, but I have recently purchased a set of 5 used SAS drives from ebay that have been data wiped, and have stickers on them from Revert, as eradication complete.


The vendor that sold me these drives said that they needed the firmware re-installing, but other than that were fully functional and tested.


Now I thought was a little odd, as the usually with Hard drives the firmware is stored in an EEPROM or something similar on the drive, either way the drives were very cheap (£15 each) so I figured it's worth a punt to see if I can get them working in my home server to replace a group of aging WD 250GB 7200rpm RE3 SATA drives running a bunch of Lab VM's that I play with form time to time.


So the drives have arrived I've hooked them up and tried to configure them in a drive group on either of the SAS controllers in my home brew server, it has a PERC H800 & LSI 8888ELP, same results regardless of controller.


When the drives first power up they spin up, and go through the usual initial seek diagnostics etc..


When viewing the drives using the MegaRaid storage manager I can see vender ID & product ID from the drives, which are


Product ID : DKR2JK450SS

Vender ID : Hitachi

Revision Level : D02G

Serial Number (of one of the drives) : CWVHXNHN

Usable Capacity : 409.750GB

Raw Capacity : 410.281GB


However when ever I attempt to create a virtual drive using the physical disk's it fails to create, the HD's make some strange clicking noises, then the VD goes online, and straight away goes offline.


The same thing happens with all the disks, could it be that the process of data wiping has somehow damaged the drives and they are no longer useable or do I need to perform some for of low level rest on the drives to enable them to work again?


Any assistance appreciated.