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HUS - How is total reclaimable calculated?

Question asked by Paul Hutchings on Jan 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by Anahad Dhillon

We have a HUS110 with tiering enabled (2 tiers).


We have volumes assigned to VMware (5.5 U2), all volumes are 5TB and all our VMDKs are thin provisioned via VMware.


I'm confused at how "Total Reclaimable" is calculated under DP Optimisation.


For example, I have a 5TB LUN formatted as VMFS and on that VMFS I create a single thin 2TB VMDK.


After some time, when I look the volumes under DP Optimisation that volume will show approx 2.1TB used with 300GB reclaimable - how can the usage on the volume exceed the maximum size of the VMDK when the VMDK is the only thing on it?


Similarly I have volumes where VMware shows there is 900GB in use but under DP Optimisation I see 1.3TB used with 400GB reclaimable - we definitely haven't created or deleted 400GB worth of VM's.


I suspect I'm missing something fundamental but I've read the HUS guide and just don't see it so before I open an SR...