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Ams 200 host alarm and boot problem

Question asked by Andrew Rycroft on Jan 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2015 by Mark Perino

Hi Everyone


I have a decommissioned Ams200 fibre channel controller and 1 additonal disk shelf with 146gb disks which is having boot issues and is giving alarms on controller 1 .


The error messages on the controller is as follows :

01/02/2015 15:53:51 00 HH7V00 The Additional Chassis removed before PS ON(Unit-02)                                  :MANUAL/STRC

01/02/2015 15:53:11 10 W0P300 Host connector alarm(Port1A)                                                          :HCNCT /STRC


What could be causing this issue and what can be done to remedy this issue?


I can access the web interface but cannot access nay of the part information and the array is not discoverable with Snm2 . The boot status is as follows :

00340420Boot executing[OFFLINE]



Thanks for the assistance .