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How to take the ESXi snapshot of VM which is provisioned using raw device mapping on Hitachi block storage device.

Question asked by Tushar K on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by Dang Luong



I am planning to install the Exchange application on the Block storage device which is exposed on ESXi server in raw device mapping. I would be running very critical scalability setup in the future.

ESXi does have the snapshot functionality and with the help of this, you will be able to take the multiple snapshot of your VM which are having some application installed and if in future, something goes wrong with the setup then it facilitates to revert to the desired snapshot.

Since this is an Exchange setup hence it involves all other application roles like AD, DAG (Multiple exchange servers) and ESXi snapshot should be taken so that we will be able to revert to the desire state.

I am using HUSVM and VSP storage for to install the Application database.


I would like to confirm whether ESXi snapshot will work in such scenarios and if yes then what are the pre-requisites/ steps that should be considered during VM deployment. At the same time, I am also planning to have the SI and TI snapshot on Hitachi Storage of Application VM.

Any help on this will be appreciated.