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HNAS Access to Windows 10 via DFS / CIFS

Question asked by Roman Feigenwinter on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by Tony Ortiz

Hi there,


Our company is interested in going live with a new Client Version (Windows 10) in about August this year.


Now we downloaded the Tech Preview and did some tests. During those Tests we expierenced the problem, that we are not able to connect on any CIFS Share from our HNAS Solution.


All Shares from Windows 2003 Servers with SMB2 are working fine. HNAS CIFS Shares dont work.


I am aware that it is only a Tech Preview so far. But still SMB2 is supported within Windows 10. That means i would assume that there shouldnt be much problems.


I even enabled SMB3 on one EVS, but that didnt change a thing. No connection allowed.


Did someone already test that and did it work or doesnt it work right now? Are there any news about that?


Best Regards