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I have a problem about how to change permissions and ownership of file system on HNAS

Question asked by Kit Lee on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by Michael Ratner


How to the Root user of OS to change ownership of sub-directory created by root user of that OS (OS is Linux and mounted via NFS protocol of HNAS)? Because when I try to change it, but it can’t to change.

I understand what's wrong about the permission of HNAS system.

Please help guide to me to the concept about how to give the permission of File systems.


Example to try

  1. HNAS : NFS export of HNAS = “/nfstest1”
  2. Root OS : mount -t nfs xx.xx.xx.xx:/nfstest1 /mnt/nfstest1
  3. HNAS : Mapping UID = user, GID = user -> 10001 = user1, 10001 = user1
  4. HNAS : add option at "Access Configuration" -> (rw, norootsquash)
  5. Root OS : "chown user1.user1  /nfstest1" or "chgrp user1 /nfstest1" (change perrmission from Root user)
  6. Root OS : ls -la /nfstest1 (as below figure)       
  7. HNAS : ls -la /nfstest1 (but on HNAS do not change but it auto force change that path NFS export is 65534)