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Best practice guide to deploy Exchange 2013/2010 DAG with VSP G1000

Question asked by Tushar K on Feb 6, 2015



I am planing to configure Exchange DAG 2013/2010 with VSP G 1000 storage. I am looking out for a Best practice guide to work Exchange database efficiently with VSP storage.


Below is the environment.


  • Hyper V environment with multi path enable.
  • Two-member Exchange database availability group (DAG)
  • 2000 × 500 MB size mailboxes
  • Exchange Active and passive database along with their log files would be on separate LDEV.
  • LDEV216 × 550 GB LUNs for Exchange databases and logs
  • Two database copies, one active and one passive

I am further looking for to have different Operations like to support best application consistency.


     TI Snapshot

     SI snapshot

     SI + TI snapshot

     Mount Snapshot

     Revert Snapshot