Jakub Erne

Hitachi HUSVM performance benchmark

Discussion created by Jakub Erne on Mar 3, 2015

Hello Guys,


Finally I have processed all the data which I gathered during benchmarking my brand new HUSVM's. I want to share it with you for curiosity purpose.

I use VDBENCH as best in the breed benchmarking software to generate load.


Load generator: DELL M610 with 96GB RAM and lots of Intel cores, 2 x 8Gb FC, Windows 2012R2, QD:64.


Storage config:


128GB cache, 87 available for user data traffic,

1 x Pool with three tiers:

     5 x 200GB SSD,

     60 x 900GB SAS 10k,

     24 x 3000GB NL-SAS 7.2k


I/O size: 8KB - 128KB,

Threads: 9 - 45

Curve: 10%, 50%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%



3 x 100GB Tier-1 SSD
3 x 100GB Tier-2 SAS
3 x 100GB Tier-3 NL-SAS


I was trying to test tiering so I gear up a SKEW parameter for most runs.

I used a CURVE parameter as well to check what amount of IO generate as most reasonable response time as possible.


Document is based on Excel pivot table so you can arrange it as you want. First setup showing best IO and minimum response time.


Hope it will be useful. If you have any questions leave them in the comments.