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Question asked by Swee-Chin Liem on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by Dang Luong

Hi Experts,


I would like to ask few questions above System Disk in USP/V/VM:


From Hitachi Universal Storage Platform V/VM User and Reference Guide:

  • Mode 727 ON: Control information is sent from SM and saved in a system disk when the power supply is OFF. If SM is volatilized and recovery of local copy control information from the HDD of SVP fails at the same time when the power supply is on following power off, recovery if the control information from a system disk to the SM is implemented.
  • Mode 727 = OFF (default): Save and recovery of control information using a system disk is not implemented.


From Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Provisioning Guide for Open Systems:

  • A system disk is a special LDEV used in the storage system for specific purposes.
  • A system disk is not required in a storage system, but is recommended for buffering of the audit log.
  • A system disk should not be used for storing user data.
  • After a system disk is created, the system knows what types of information the system disk is used for and all appropriate information is automatically sent to the system disk.
  • If you find you do not need a system disk, you can delete the system disk and convert the volume to free space.


From Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Hitachi Storage Navigator Messages:

  • Quick Format cannot be executed. There is no System Disk area for Quick Format, the capacity of the System Disk is insufficient, or the System Disk is blocked.


My questions:

  • Is the system disk in USP/V/VM having the same purposes as in VSP?
  • Beside audit log and quick format, any other purposes for system disk to be existed in the array?
  • Can I delete system disk in USP/V/VM? Any bad consequence?


Thank you!




Swee Chin