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AMS2500 to VSP over SAN

Question asked by Stephen McQueen on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by Michael Ratner

Hi everyone,


I've got AMS2500 and VSP. Some of the LUNs from the AMS are presented to hosts and some of the LUNs are presented to the VSP, virtualized and presented further to hosts. The communication is done via SAN. The AMS has 16 FC ports, all connected to SAN. On the VSP the AMS is connected through 8 external paths.

This configuration has been working successfully for a long time, but lately, we have increased the number of virtualized LUNs, so the communication between the AMS and VSP has increased by a big deal. The SAN has become heavily overloaded and we are having issues with the ports zoned for AMS-VSP.

Can you give any sort of advice how to improve the situation?

My idea is to add more links between the VSP and the SAN switch and zone it to AMS-VSP communication. Do you think it might help?