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How to fetch Used Capacity for LDEV's in GB and group by several LUN's (for example one Server)

Question asked by Roman Feigenwinter on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by ERIEK REGANDONO

Hi there,


We have the following situation. We migrated from another Storage-Vendor to HDS G1000.


Now i would like to have the following.


I want to have a CLI Command, where i can provide a Servername and it then returns the Usage (in GB) per LUN and a total for that server.


Right now i only have the raidcom get ldev -ldev_id d1:c4 command, which returns me only used blocks. And only for one LUN. The Server Informations are right now provided by the LUN Label.


Maybe there are other Options to reach our goal, the current situation is not really comfortable and if not necessary, i dont want to script a solution for that.


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