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VSP monitoring via SNMP or other source

Question asked by Stephen McQueen on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2017 by Arturo Montiel

Hi everybody,


my boss wants to know how much of the storage is utilized in percents in each pool at any given moment. He wants to see it in the monitoring system. I have set up SNMP traps, but the traps are made for warning, depletion and full pool usage levels. We need the information in this way for example:

Pool 1 is currently 64% utilized.

Pool 2 is currently 41% utilized.



Is that even possible? Does anyone have SNMP Mibs for such a thing?


If it's not possible via SNMP, how can I get this information via CLI?

I have HiCommandCLI installed, but I cannot execute any of the commands. I have no idea why it gives me permission denied error for all commands.

[system@hds01 ~]$ /opt/HiCommand/HiCommandCLI/ GetTieredPoolStatus

/bin/sh: /opt/HiCommand/HiCommandCLI/ Permission denied

I have also tried as root.

Why am I getting permission denied? I'm sure that the password is correct. Is there any special license needed for HiCommanCLI? Or does it require some special priviledge to be set for the account?


A CLI command that shows current pool utilization would also help me a lot.