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OVM Best Practice

Question asked by Gary Matthews on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by Cris Danci



Does anyone have any best practices for storage presentation to OVM? We're looking to put an OVM cluster in . and our DBAs/Unix guys are looking for allocations as if its physical boxes - multiple LDEVs>LUNS to OVM> Disks on ASM per virtual machine

I'm currently standardizing on our ESX infrastructure:-


A dynamic tiering pool on VSP , T0 FMDs T1 internal disk and T2 from a HUS150 behind the VSP. I plan to create 4 TB LUNS to ESX and let the virtualisation team manage the  sizing at a hypervisor level , with  storage DRS being implemented


Was thinking of using a similar approach on the OVM virtualisation cluster. I cant find any best practices for OVM , only traditional ASM on physical boxes on the HDS site .


Any one have any thoughts/ recommendations?