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Default Host Group on Hus Vm

Question asked by A0010DA9 on May 19, 2015

Good afternoon Everyone,


I'm actually planning to have some maintenance/downtime on one of our storage Unit.

I plan to take that opportunity to do some re organisation on our host group.


Some will now be removed and i wondered what to do about the default host group ?

For example on CL1-A got a group called "1A-G00", on CL2A one called "2A-G00", etc....

- Can i remove them safely or are they needed for such operations as Snapshot or replication or so ?


Also can i safely rename a Host group while beeing in production or is there any impact ?

and last and maybe least, naming, is that advised to give Host group the same name thru the differents ports ( for those having same Host and Lun of course) ?.


Thanks for all the help