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Replacing DKA on Hitachi 9980V

Question asked by Alejandro Duran Franquiz on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by Christopher Kidd (Chris)

Hi guys



I have a question.

I'm need to perform an activity in a Hitachi 9980V system.

* I have a SVP failed

* I have a HDD failed

I need to replace a (DKA) before to replace the SVP and HDD. As we know when I try to replace the (DKA) the system shows a message that said; it's necessary to replaced the (SVP and HDD) before to replace the (DKA).


I really need to replace the DKA first.



Is possible to do this, ie, the system allows me to do the replacement of (DKA) and then replace (SVP and HDD) and this will have no negative impact on the functioning of the 9980V system?