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How to understand LUN WWID of VSP G1000

Question asked by Gem w on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by Dang Luong

I have a tool obtaining LUN WWID from host side then identifies the matching LUN over Hitachi array side, I noticed the format of LUN WWID of VSP G1000 is a little bit different from other Hitachi array models. Just wonder if my observation below is a correct representation for VSP G1000, and if so, can someone explain the new format of VSP G1000.


Here is the sample LUN WWID of VSP G1000 (array serial# 56666 here is a made-up value):  60060e8007dd5a000030dd5a00000138


For better reading, I spread LUN WWID into 4 sections before: 

                60060e80 07dd5a00 0030dd5a 00000138

Based on other discussion in this forum, my understanding is that the 3rd section of WWID represents hex value of array serial number. Here we have "0030dd5a", where "dd5a" can be converted into "56666" correctly which matches to the array serial number, but what about "0030" before "dd5a", how should we interpret "3" here?