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array configuration tracking

Question asked by Bruce Kirkland on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by ERIEK REGANDONO

I've been experimenting with a method to track configuration changes on all the HDS arrays. I started with raidcom since our VSP is the main concern but I do have HUS and AMS arrays that come in to play. That seems to be leading me to HiCommand cli, and various forms of the getstoragearray command. Due to the addition of some fairly unskilled Storage Admins I'd like to be able to track ldev add/deletes, host group changes (wwpn add/delete for example).  I'm still working out what can/well  be misconfigured. This would be Linux shell scripting. I'm kind of thinking daily extracts from HiCommand Device Manger followed by some parsing.

I'm sure its doable, just wondering if someone had anything similar to share?