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Does an AMS 1000 require Fibre disk in #00

Question asked by Dan Dasko on Jul 23, 2015
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By profession, I'm a database administrator. I noted a while back that the prices of older SAN equipment had come down to the point of being affordable for professional development and playing around with at home.


I purchased from EBAY, the following:

1 - DF700-RKHE

2 - DF700-RKAJAT

and a bunch of interconnect cables


I can connect to the web console with a patch cable.


If I start up the controller with no disk attached, I get the following error "RA7900 System HDU spin up failed".

If I start things up with either tray of disk connected, I get a different error "RBED00 System HDU spin up failed[Unsupported Unit is connected as Unit-00]".


I managed to get a copy of SNM from the storage admin at work where we have an AMS 500.


In the ACE tool, it gives a choice of arrays. The DF700 options are DF700XS/S/M/H.


Depending on which choice you make, it populates a different base unit:


DF700S - RKS(Fibre)#00

DF700M - RKM(Fibre)#00

DF700H - RKH with RKAJ(Fibre)#00


From all this, I'm thinking that I need to have a DF700-RKAJ in the #00 position.


Also, what is the designation for the AMS 1000? I've found reference to the AMS 500 as DF700M, but I've not found reference to the AMS 1000.