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Mainframe-based REST services?   (yes @Walmart)

Discussion created by John Harker Employee on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by Mark Higgins

HDS is a silver sponsor of SHARE, the mainframe conference, so we are in Orlando this week at the show and attending the sessions.  


Just heard a really good talk from Walmart on how they have integrated their mainframe system into their private cloud providing REST based microservices.   They started when another group was looking for a an extremely reliable and performant L2 cache service and was having problems with the appliance vendor chosen.   As a skunkworks project the mainframe team whipped one together and offered it up as a microservice on the cloud via REST.  After showing it’s total reliability (based on a parallel sysplex) and extreme scaleability and performance, it was convincing enough to have usage spread by word of mouth, and catch on in their cloud-based application development community who started asking for new functions and enhancements.  


Building following an agile development model the mainframe team now offers (internally) a number of REST based microservices (providing GIDs, customer info caching during transactions, even a simple database) for production systems whose usage Is in the millions of acceses per day.   All the interfacing is across cloud/REST protocols and applications consuming the services don’t have or need any knowledge of or credentials on the mainframe.  According to the Walmart presenter, this is being done for between 1/5 to 1/10th of the cost of alternative open system based services.


All IBMs work pushing mainframe into the cloud looks like it is starting to pay off…    Anyone else in the community using or looking into mainframe-based cloud REST services?