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Adding storage system VSP Gx00 (Microcode 83-01-23-x0/00-m009) to HCS 8.2.0-02

Discussion created by Alexey A Bostandjan on Sep 23, 2015
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Hi, All!


If you have same problem, may be i can help you (For me it is working. Before starting, please remove storage system from HDvM server!)



Step by step.


1. (HDvM Server) "C:\Program Files\HiCommand\Base64\bin\hcmds64keytool.exe" -export -keystore "C:\Program Files\HiCommand\DeviceManager\HiCommandServer\keystore" -alias devicemanagerserverdefault -file c:\hdvm.cer



2. (SVP VSP Gx00) Import a server certificate "hdvm.cer" into Internet Explorer (Trusted Root Certification Authorities).


3. (SVP VSP Gx00) Reboot SVP.

4. (HDvM Server) Create user "hcs" in HCS HDVM Server (Admin Group, All Resources).

5. (HDvM Server) Login as "hcs" in HDVM. (If you don't do it, you can see this message)



6. (HDvM Server) Add Storage System VSP Gx00.

7. (HDvM Server) Click "Maintenance Utility" in tab Resources and enjoy