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Has anyone successfully installed a third-party SAN Enabled SSL Cert on HDS HCP?

Question asked by Charles Hammitt on Sep 24, 2015

    I can request a Wildcard cert or a SAN Enabled cert, but apparently not both functions at the same time.  Most of the SSL Cert providers I've checked with don't support this effect [Incommon/Comodo, DIGICert, etc...etc...]


-    The current SAN cert I have, which captures the namespace of the tenant, install fails with the CN doesn’t match in the HCP gui.  We believe that this is because the CN should be a wildcard [* vs.]…as this is what the guide “HCP Certificate HowTo” written by Thorsten Simons indicates as well. –The provider doesn’t allow wildcards in the CN of a multi-domain or Unified Communications SAN Enabled I am stuck there.


-    I currently have a wildcard cert installed; however, it doesn’t capture and protect the namespace buckets of the tenant.



    Has anyone actually done this??? as every example I find only has self-signed certs installed.