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AMS 2300 mode switch

Question asked by Eric Hutchinson on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by Kevin Bottoms

Hi All,


I have a surplus AMS 2300 which I am trying to place back into service.  It will serve as staging disk for a new tape backup system.


This system was running when it was decommissioned, but all of its disks were used to increase capacity on another AMS 2300.  I have populated the base unit (DF800-RK2) with disks and fired it up.  It boots as far as "00106020 Boot executing[FLASH]", and it errors out with the following message from Controller 0 "09/22/2015 15:05:21 00 RB8400 Download failed".


I believe this is because it is missing its config since these are not the disks that were in it before.  I don't want to recover the configuration, I want to start over.  Do I want to do a "Factory reset" or an "initial install" or what?  There is a mode switch next to the power switch, but no documentation on how to set it.  It is currently set to 0 which is normal mode.  I know there is a maintenance mode, and I know that from there you can do a factory reset.  I do not know the procedure.  Can anyone help me out?



- Eric