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Setup of a cluster with virtual machines

Question asked by Mrityunjoy Kundu on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by Rahul Bhat



I need your help to understand an existing setup. This is not for Hitachi but I put this question  as lot of experts are available here to help me. We have VNX5500 arrays in primary and secondary sites. Both storages are connected  by a metro lan (iscsi connection) and replicated through Mirror view.


Now new requirement is to build a ESXi cluster between both sites, Now we have 6 ESXi hosts in primary site and 5 ESXi in secondary site(VSphere 5.5). Virtualization environment is in replicated luns. In current enviroment production VMs are running on 6 ESX hosts of primary site. During DR drill we bring down vMs from Priamry site and activate secondary sites and VMs.


Now customer wants to build a single cluster environment with all 11 ESX hosts of both sites and they should run all time. To create a cluster we need share storage across both sites. Can someone help me to understand if we can configure it and how?