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WORM File system with CIFS  shares on HDI : how to keep access to the data if users/groups Active Directory owner of the shares are losts

Question asked by jean yves Le Henaff on Sep 30, 2015

Hello all


We use HDI with WORM file system and shares. For example we put a WORM retention of 5 years on the data. The NTFS ACL on the data are users and groups of our Active Directory. If we accidentally delete the users and groups which can access to the share how to keep a way to access the data ? If we recreate users and group in AD, they may have sames names but not sames SID so we can access data. Because it's WORM data  with their ACL metadata which are read-only for many years, we can't change their ACL. We can't set news SID as news ACL.


Can i use local HDI users and group as share owner to be sure to keep share access in case of AD problem ? and how to use the users /groups n case of problem ?


for example can i set something as this in a share creation as a solution ?