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Password Reset on SMS100

Question asked by Robert Godfrey on Sep 30, 2015

I have been tasked with wiping two Hitachi SMS100 systems and reallocating to a group for dev/test.  The previous admin is no longer with the company and all information is lost and or was never documented.  I was able to get into the system and put it in maintenance mode, but I cannot reset to factory because we do no know the password that was setup.  This is non-production so we do not care about destroying all a matter of fact, that is what we want to do first.


I have tried the default login of system/manager but it did not work.  Is there a way to reset or recover the password or user account?  Or, like many vendors offer, is there a backdoor user account that I can use to get into the system and reset it?


I guess two things can happen...either we find a way to access these systems and reuse for dev/test, or we simply destroy the units hard drives and send out as scrap...not my preference.


These systems are no longer covered under support.


Thanks in advance.