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What is the Hi Track problem 01?

Question asked by Royal RUAN Employee on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Royal RUAN

For example:

Hi-Track Comments:

<ht_mail_id_2015092810070667.23541> Error information follows: 

_System Type: Hi-Track
_Site ID: 382648I

The following Hi-Track monitored devices transferred but are not defined in
the equipment records -

  SiteID: 382648I  Serial: 420280  System: VSP-Gx00  Days in error: Newly detected
Troubleshooting tips:
* Make sure the SiteID is correct and that it exists in Siebel.
* Check to make sure this serial number exists in the Siebel
equipment records for this SiteID.
* Check the Siebel asset (equipment) records to make sure the
'Hi-Track Installed' checkbox/flag is enabled for this device.

CALL_TYPE: Hi-Track Reported
CONTACT_PHONE: 1-800-348-help






According CE's feedback:

"The site have been configured with correct Site ID. We are not sure why Siebel record is wrong as we are not trained for Siebel record keeping/amendment . Also, none of my team mate know what the relationship of hitrack with Siebel."


I want to know what's the Hitrack problem 01?