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Hitachi ShadowImage for Cloning a SysPrep Image

Question asked by Solomon winfred on Oct 29, 2015
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Here's what we're trying to achieve,


1. Create a volume and allocate it to a Host (This is going to be a P-VOL and this host is going to Boot From SAN)

Install Server 2012 R2 Standard


2. Create 7 Volumes with exactly the same block size as P-VOL (These 7 volumes are going to be S-VOL) and allocate them to 7 hosts respectively (These hosts are going to Boot From SAN too)


3. Create SI Pairs with the below Topology (With 3 L1 S-VOLs and 4 L2 S-VOLs = a total of 7 S-VOLs)




4. Run Sysprep with generalize on the P-VOL and shutdown the host (Set the P-VOL Offline)


5. Perform Split Pairs (Copy Pace set to Slower)


Does this work? Moreover, should the pairs be deleted after splitting?


Can somebody help?