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CIO Blog: Modernize your Core IT with UCP: Best Value Converged Infrastructure

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Modernize your Core IT with UCP: Best Value Converged Infrastructure




By Paul Desmond


To compete in a digital economy experiencing unprecedented data growth, companies need to take a fresh look at how they build and operate data centers and take advantage of some recent developments that can help support a highly agile and efficient business strategy.


For a few years now, the trend toward prefabricated, modular data centers has been taking hold, and with good reason. Whereas once it would take a year or more to build a data center from scratch, a modular data center can be assembled in a matter of weeks or months – 16 to 20 weeks in the case of this UK-based automaker. The idea is that all the power, cooling and IT racks come pre-assembled, tested and configured in a modular unit, whether it’s a complete data center within a container or a modular unit on a skid, to add capacity inside an existing data center. Either way, with modular components companies just need to bring them on site and make a few connections before they’re ready to house IT gear.


A similar change is happening on the IT side of the data center equation. Rather than assembling compute, storage and networking gear and connecting it all together from scratch, companies can now instead use converged infrastructure.


Converged infrastructure systems combine storage, server, networking and software management in integrated, pretested packages optimized for virtualized environments covering all applications, including mission critical workloads. The latest offerings come with features that can dramatically improve IT staff productivity, with the ability to manage and monitor physical and virtual servers and storage from a single pane of glass and more easily provision assets. The systems are also highly scalable and reliable, enabling companies to support flexible private cloud infrastructure that’s crucial to enabling the kind of agility that is now table stakes for competing in a digital economy. Converged infrastructure is available that comes pre-configured with popular virtualization software as well as mission-critical applications, such as databases and big data analytics. Just as with data center modules, such pre-configuration allows for far faster deployment, which means faster time to value.


Converged systems also enable companies to keep up with rapid data growth. Consider Centris AG, which provides IT and business process services to Swiss health and accident insurance firms. It was facing massive increases in data volume, says Julian Portmann, head of software development for the firm. “Data can increase by up to a factor of 30 over three to five years,” he said in this case study from Hitachi Data Systems (HDS).


In 2012, forecasts showed that existing infrastructure wouldn’t be able to process data fast enough, and would reach its limit by the end of 2015. Converged infrastructure from HDS, marrying servers, flash storage and Oracle database software, proved to be the solution. Process run time issues are now in the past, with jobs handled in a much shorter timeframe as compared to the previous infrastructure.


And with improved management tools and automation features making day to day management easier, the result is cost savings in IT operations.


“Customers using Hitachi UCP ( Unified Compute Platforms) measure deployment times for new systems in hours, not days or weeks,” says Renée Lawrence, Director, Solutions Marketing for HDS. “And new servers or storage can be deployed on existing UCP systems in minutes. As a result, we often see customers divert more than 25% of IT staff time to focus on new initiatives.”


Increased efficiency and improved agility are what it takes to compete in a digital economy. Preconfigured, modular data centers and converged infrastructure technologies deliver both while also decreasing long-term operating costs. There’s a lot to like.


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